Nothing changes unless something changes

Whilst this is true, it is often easier said than done! Especially when anxiety makes us fearful of change and depression makes everything-even minor changes-feel like so much of an effort. This is where the valuable nature of external support comes into play. CBT works by supporting people to get started with changing the way they think and behave to help change how they feel. Learning effective coping strategies and techniques to identify and alter unhelpful thought processes and behavioural patterns means we are better placed to start implementing changes to improve our wellbeing. Once we start changing the things that keep our problems going (our thoughts/perception and how we respon

Why can't we just stop worrying?

We all worry at times – it is a ‘normal’ part of being human but when we worry excessively daily life becomes draining, overwhelming and really get us down. Often the worries that get us down are about things that have not even happened yet (or might never happen), which makes the process of worrying even more frustrating! Unfortunately it’s not as simple as ‘just try not to think about it’. So what keeps us worrying? The techniques and tools people are taught through CBT are very much based on research and evidence that certain things can be effective. In terms of worrying, CBT focuses on the identified link between intolerance of uncertainty and excessive worry. If we consider worryin

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