Psychosexual Therapy


Sexual problems are more common than people often think and can be experienced by both men and women. 


Erectile dysfunction is most often the sexual difficulty people have heard of however there are many other sexual issues people can experience.

Some difficulties are caused by certain health conditions but more often than not there are psychological factors in play and these can be addressed through specialised psychotherapy.

Psychosexual therapy or 'sex therapy', as it is often known, helps people establish and recognise the underlying causes of and contributing factors to, their sexual difficulties and support them in effectively addressing them with the ultimate aim of improving their relationship with sex and their sex life.

When people hear of 'sex' therapy they often have preconceived ideas of what this type of therapy might involve, please be reassured you will not be expected to do anything other than talk (and write things down) in the session! 

Within the therapy we will explore and confidentially discuss ways to overcome the difficulties you are experiencing and you will be provided with practical ideas, tools and techniques to help improve your sex life and ultimately your wellbeing.

Some of the difficulties therapy can help address, include;

  • Loss of desire or intimacy

  • Difficulties with orgasm

  • Erectile problems

  • Premature or delayed ejaculation

  • Vaginismus

  • Fear of sex

  • Performance anxiety

  • Painful intercourse

You may have found yourself thinking you have to put up with your difficulties but this is often not the case; there are many things Psychosexual Therapy can help with - please don't feel you have to cope with this on your own, contact me today to see how therapy can help.